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RACHEL PLATTEN   Born in New York City and raised in Massachusetts, Rachel Platten is an Emmy Award winner, Author, and multi-platinum selling recording artist. Few artists in the past decade have struck a chord of hope and resilience like she did with her empowering hit “Fight Song.” Rachel topped countless radio and iTunes charts worldwide, with her major label debut album “Wildfire” which also included the platinum Billboard Hot 100 hit, “Stand By You.” In 2017, Rachel Platten released her second full-length album for Columbia Records called Waves, co-writing every song. More intimate songs such as the bewitching “Collide,” the piano-tinged “Hands” and the album’s moving closer “Grace” reflect the unguarded side of the talented singer songwriter. Earlier this year, Rachel authored her first children’s book titled, “You Belong”.  Based on her 2018 song of the same name, “You Belong” is a warm and loving message of welcome to newborn babies that will touch the hearts of everyone.

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