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Parent Testimonials

Waltham Creative Start Testimonials


"Our family loves Waltham Creative Start.  Attending preschool here makes our daughter happy, and we have noticed the progress that she has made in her academic learning and in the development of her social skills.  The teachers and staff take excellent care of our child and family.  You can detect the positive vibrations as soon as you enter the school.  Everyone is so warm and nurturing."



"Every day that I go with my son to Waltham Creative Start, I feel so good knowing that my son is going to be in good hands. He has learned many things like enjoying to read. His school gives me peace of mind."



"My daughter and niece have been going to Waltham Creative Start for almost 2 years now and we love it! The teachers provide a warm, loving atmosphere for kids to learn. My daughter is excited when I pick her up wanting to tell me everything she has learned that day and the books they have read. In the time she has been there, she has learned her ABC’s and how to write her name. My daughter and niece have medical issues and they have always been accommodated and very understanding. I have nothing but nice things to say about the school, teachers and staff!"



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