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Communities United, Inc. (CUI) offers full and part-day programming to meet the needs of families. Because CUI receives more applications than there are available slots in our programs, we maintain an active wait list from which vacancies are filled as they occur throughout the year. Submission of an application does not guarantee acceptance into our program.

There are 3 steps to complete the application process:

1. Fill out the Enrollment Application

2. Fill out the Additional Child Information Form 

3. Fill out the Income Verification Form

4 Fill out the Financial Assistance Form (if needed)


You can apply to one of our Creative Start Centers by doing one of the following:


  1. Download the application and the important application instructions in English, Portuguese or Spanish. You may Contact the center you are interested in and request a mailed application.



**With your application, please include:

  • Proof of your child’s birth/age

  • Proof of income and residence if you are applying for tuition assistance

Financial Assistance


CUI receives funding to provide subsidized care from both the Federal Government (for Head Start and Early Head Start), and from the Massachusetts Department of Early Education & Care (EEC) for a full-day and extended-day preschool program. In order to determine your families eligibility, acceptable proof of income must be submitted with the Financial Assistance form.


CUI's application for tuition assistance forms in English, Portuguese or Spanish can be downloaded here.


Medical and Disability Information

Along with your application, you are asked to submit medical and dental forms indicating the date of your child’s last physical (must be within one year) and dental exam. Results of hearing and vision screenings, lead and hemoglobin/hematocrit tests, and an immunization record are also required. Please note that a child cannot be enrolled in one of our centers without these documents.


Doctors and Dentists are not required, but may prefer, to fill out one of our agency-specific forms. The medical and dental forms are available to download here.


Children with special needs are encouraged to apply. To assist in the application process, staff will request copies of any assessments, evaluations, or reports done by specialists working with your child. This will assist us in determining if we are able to meet all of your child’s needs. Please note that a copy of the current IFSP or IEP is required to be submitted with the application.



Once your application has been processed completely, you will be notified by CUI’s Admissions Office whether your child has been officially accepted, or placed on the waitlist.


Applicants who qualify for tuition assistance will be required to attend an in-person interview at their respective Creative Start center, prior to being waitlisted.


In providing services to children and their families, Communities United, Inc. does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, cultural heritage, national origin, gender, political belief, marital status, sexual orientation, or disability.

When Your Child is Accepted


When your child is accepted to one of our programs, you will receive a phone call from one of our staff members. At this time, an appointment will be scheduled for you to visit the Center with your child. You will complete enrollment paperwork at this time.


A home visit with the teacher is typically scheduled to take place prior to your child’s first day of school. The home visit allows the teacher to get to know you and your child in the comfort of the child’s home. Next, a date will be set for you and your child to visit the program and your child’s classroom. This allows your child to meet his/her classroom teachers and classmates, and to become familiar with the classroom layout and daily routines.

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